Our Philosophy

At Chalk and Chat we support the important partnership that exists between parents, school teachers, tutors and learners.

Open communication is vital. We support parents as ‘first’ teachers and are committed to listening to their intuitive knowledge about their child’s learning styles and needs, and to being a part of those conversations. Classroom teachers also provide both formal and informal data that contributes to the picture of a student’s ongoing needs, strengths, abilities and achievements.

We are part of a community team that supports the learning of your child and we hold strong beliefs about the nature of that learning.

We believe that learning should be meaningful and relevant, challenging and rewarding, open-ended, stimulating and a life-long process!

Through an individually tailored and supported program, we scaffold opportunities that encourage students to strive to reach their full potential in their targeted academic areas. We listen to their goals and ambitions to promote ownership and involvement.

Our sessions are characterized by enjoyment, engagement, discovery and curiosity. Students experience wonder and excitement, take risks, sometimes succeed and sometimes fail.

We encourage them to be problem-solvers, to take increasing responsibility, and become more independent learners – so that they no longer need us!

Judy Redman and the Team

Chalk and Chat Tutoring Services.